Roomi Foods (Pvt.) Ltd. has set up a state of the art integrated poultry layer venture. The project aims to produce according to international food security and quality standards.

Fully automated and modernized rearing and layer equipment is imported from Italy. Egg grading and processing machine from Netherlands has been installed for the first time in Pakistan.

Freshly nutritious feed is manufactured in-house to safeguard bird health and food safety. A latest laboratory operates where every ingredient is tested and it is made sure to produce the best feed.

A team of brilliant veterinarians and nutritionists supported by international poultry advisor ensures excellent bird husbandry and welfare. Comprehensive biosecurity management systems are practiced to ensure food safety endorsed by famous food, environment and systems certifications.

The Company’s vision is to produce healthy, safe and international quality food products and aims to expand its horizon to various food categories in near future.

Rearing House

As Rearing is a very important and crucial aspect in layer poultry farming; it should be done in-house. In an effort and vision to achieve international standards for layer poultry farming a fully automated and modernized cage rearing control equipment has been imported from Italy. It provides excellent environment for the rearing and ensures bird health and welfare. The main automation features are water supply, feed distribution, temperature control, manure removal, vaccine application and light intensity control. An extensive vaccination plan is carried out during rearing to prevent the bird from prevalent poultry diseases.


Modernized Italian Layer equipment has been installed. Complete system automation guarantees standardized water supply, feed distribution, temperature control, manure removal, light intensity and egg collection. Niagara egg collection system automatically transports the eggs to the grading, processing and packing machine. The houses have been designed to ensure bird comfort and welfare because a happy hen only lays a healthy and quality egg.

Egg Processing

According to the international standards, the egg should be washed, polished and graded. For the first time in Pakistan, complete processing equipment with the option to wash, dry, polish and grade the eggs has been imported from Netherlands at Roomi Foods (Pvt.) Ltd.

The egg is washed to remove dirt and harmful bacteria and then dried off. The polishing gives shine and create protective coating against bacteria penetration. Finally the eggs are graded to size and automatically packed. The whole process from egg collection to packing confirms nil human interaction hence reduces the chance of bacteria transfer from a third medium.

Feed Manufacturing

Hen health and quality of egg enormously depends on what the bird is fed. Nutritiously fresh feed is manufactured in house backed by a latest laboratory. At the time of procurement every ingredient is tested for its quality. Corn a major ingredient of feed is grown in our agriculture lands thus quality is focused from sowing stage. Feed is manufactured according to Halal standards hence no animal source of ingredient is used. Our nutritionists certify the production of best quality feed at every step while following the international feed nutrition standards.

Food Safety

The company’s milestones are linked to the food safety and hence every effort is made to practice the best biosecurity management systems.
Food safety starts from the project layout and equipment procurement; complete automated equipment enables minimum human interaction and a robust layout halt any bacteria carrying medium.

A proper quarantine is practiced according to the recommended standards. In-house rearing and feed manufacturing is an effort to keep biosecurity systems intact.

The company has been certified for ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & GMP to endorse food safety, quality management and environment protection systems.

Project Advisor

Dr Hanif Nazir Chaudhry has worldwide recognition in the sector of poultry production.

Held key positions from initiation in the largest poultry integrator established in Middle East.

Consultant to a French based poultry biological multinational company and few prominent poultry producers in Asia.

Senior Industrial advisor on Poultry to a London based global financial institution.

Member World Veterinary Poultry Association and president Pakistan branch. Extensive international travelling for seminars, conferences, workshops, forums, exhibitions, lectures and related poultry activities.

Proudly Dr Hanif Nazir is the advisor of Roomi Foods (Pvt.) Ltd. It is due to his knowledge, vision and passion that the implementation of best poultry husbandry practices became possible in this region. His precious leadership has enabled to produce according to global food safety standards. His guidance empowers Roomi Foods to be the trendsetter in the sector.


Mahmood Group was formed in the year 1935. The Group extends its wings to the sector of textile, leather, ginning, power generation, poultry, food and agriculture farming with the employee base of 11,000 personnel.

In the sector of textile, the Group exhibits one of the largest production capacity in the country with complete integration from farm to fabric; cotton fields, cotton ginning, spinning, weaving and apparels. Furthermore, the Group owns state of the art integrated poultry layer project, leather tannery along with shoe unit, power generation and food franchises.

Member Companies

• Mahmood Textile Mills Ltd.
• Masood Spinning Mills Ltd.
• Masood Fabrics Ltd.
• Roomi Fabrics Ltd.
• Tritex cotton Mills Ltd.
• Khawaja Tanneries (Pvt.) Ltd.
• Multan Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd.
• Roomi Foods (Pvt.) Ltd.
• Roomi Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd.
• KMMM Cotton Ginning, Pressing and Oil Mills
• Ghausia Agriculture and Fruit Farms


At Mahmood Group Corporate social responsibility’ is a core value. The Group is actively participating in developing new schools and hospitals. It is made sure that no environmentally unacceptable effluent is discarded. The emphasis remains to up lift living standard of the common people.


Nature’s Ranch proudly introduces international standard eggs for the first time in Pakistan. State of the art European plant is installed to produce premium quality table eggs and ensure bird welfare. The eggs are graded to size, washed and polished to remove dirt and harmful bacteria. The hen is fed with nutritiously fresh in-house manufactured feed. World-class bio-security systems are practiced at farm endorsed by global food safety certifications.
The packaging is made from 100% recycled PET bottles to reduce carbon footprint.


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